In October of 1978, Mark and Lori Skoglund purchased the meat locker in West Bend, IA and began creating products under the name of Skoglund Meats & Locker. Learning on the job with expert advice, and with the help of the Iowa Meat Association, Mark launched Skoglund Meats as a business focused on custom processing of local farmers' pork and beef. Mark and Lori grew Skoglund Meats to become a more diversified company, developing specialty products for retail and wholesale.

In 1982, Skoglund Meats became more involved with the Iowa Meat Association and entered products into the state meat competition. Skoglund Meats first entered a Smoked Turkey and earned fourth place. Over the years, Skoglund Meats & Locker earned the awards of Grand Champion and Champion on various products including Ham, Bacon, Summer Sausage, Jerky, Pork Loin, and Beef Sticks!

In 1994, we made an addition to the Locker. The space was quickly used up as we pursued new opportunities and projects. Skoglund Meats began to market its products to local grocery stores and through fundraising groups. In 2002, the Skoglunds purchased the recipe to Mikes Wieners, a very popular old-fashioned, corn cob-smoked wiener that was produced years ago in West Bend.

Construction of a new locker plant on Highway 15 began in 2003, and was completed in 2004. In the new plant, Skoglund Meats has had the capacity to expand its retail and wholesale business as well as mail orders.

In January 2015, Mark and Lori sold the business to their son, Ned. Ned has enjoyed creating new Skoglund Meats products and introducing more people to the Skoglund Meats brand.

In addition to processing local livestock, Skoglund Meats is well known in the area for deer processing. Skoglund Meats continues to work with fundraisers as well as process custom and retail products. Always experimenting with new ideas and upgrading equipment and procedures, the Skoglunds are committed to producing high-quality, hand-crafted products. Skoglund Meats continues a tradition of quality and excellence that began over 30 years ago!