Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I get my own meat back?

With beef you will receive all your own steaks, roasts, ribs, brisket, and ground beef back. If you have beef sticks or beef jerky made, depending on batch size, your meat might be co-mingled.

With pork you will receive your own pork chops, ham, bacon, ribs, and roasts back. Specialty products may be co-mingled depending on batch size.

2.  How long do you hang your beef?

Beef is hung appropriately 9-11 days before processing.

3.  How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Processing time for beef and pork orders will take approximately 2 weeks. Skoglund Meats smokes and processes everything in-house.

4. How much meat will I get back?

    • Beef: On an average half beef (800 lb whole carcass), you will get approximately:
      1. 12 T-bone Steak (3/4”)
      2. 12-14 Bone-In Rib Steak (3/4”)
      3. 12-14 Bone-In Sirloin Steak (3/4”)
      4. 36-40 Round Steak or Tenderized Steak (3/4”)
      5. 8-9 Chuck Roast (3-4lbs)
      6. 3-4 Arm Roast (3-4lbs)
      7. 2 Sirloin Tip Roast (3-4lbs)
      8. 1 Rump Roast (3-4lbs)
      9. 6 packages Soup Bones
      10. 1 Brisket (8-10lbs; can be trimmed and added to ground beef)
      11. 3 packages Short Ribs (can be trimmed and added to ground beef)
      12. 100-120 pounds ground beef


    • Pork: On an average half hog (200lb whole carcass), you will get approximately:
      1. 22-24 Pork Chops (3/4”)
      2. 1 Bone-In Sirloin Roast
      3. 3-4 Shoulder Roast (3-4lbs) or 8 Shoulder Steaks (3/4”)
      4. 1 Ham (15-20lbs; can be cut smaller)
      5. 1 package Spareribs (cut in 1/3; wrapped into one package)
      6. 8-10 lb Belly (leave fresh as side pork or smoke for bacon)
      7. 10-15 lb trimming/grinding

5.  How long do I have to pick up my order?

We ask that you pick up your order within 8-10 days of being notified that the order is ready for pick up. Storage charges will accrue after 21 days, as we do not rent lockers nor have the space to store meat in our freezer.  Finance charges of 2.1% per month will be applied to unpaid balances after 45 days.