Skoglund Meats can provide you with a profitable solution for your organization’s fundraising needs! Tell us the purpose of your business or organization, and who you serve, and we can customize a list of appropriate products to meet your needs.

We have an extensive range of specialty products to satisfy every taste and budget. Get low, producer-direct prices from Skoglund Meats, and set your own markup. Working directly with the Skoglund Meats cuts out the “middle man” to increase your profits. We can custom-create attractive fliers and order sheets for no-hassle order collection and delivery!

Our superior quality and freshness beats traditional gift baskets and product lines. We produce and package and produce our own products. You can customize your fundraiser to meet your needs by choosing the right products from our diverse line of delicious items.

We have over 30 years of proven success with group fundraising. Call us at 515-887-4531 to find out more about how Skoglund Meats can make your fundraiser simple and profitable.

Smokey Snack Sticks

Premium Cut Beef Jerky

Summer Sausage with Pepper Jack Cheese