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The Skoglund Meats Snack Stick Bundle includes one package of each of the following: Colorado Snack Sticks, Habanero Smokey Snack Sticks, Pepper Sticks with Pepper Cheese, and Smokey Snack Sticks. 

The Colorado Snack Stick is a beef and pork blend and is hickory-smoked and seasoned with spices. (16 oz)

Our Habanero Smokey Snack Sticks are a beef and pork blend with an addictive smokey-sweet flavor. These sticks are hickory-smoked and moderately spicy with habanero pepper flavor. (16 oz)

The Pepper Sticks with Pepper Cheese are a beef and pork blend and are hickory-smoked with bits of spicy pepper cheese throughout. (16 oz)

Our Smokey Snack Sticks have a tasty hickory-smoked, slightly sweet flavor combination you’re sure to love! (16 oz)

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